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Suede shoes for women

What makes a good shoe? Certainly, it must first and foremost suit your taste and be suitable for certain occasions. In addition, it should also be well-made to give you a long to enjoy. Last but not least, the material should be very nice resistant and comfortable at the same time his. Sounds like the utopian requirements for a shoe? Not if he's made of suede.

A special material

The use of suede material in the manufacture of shoes has a long tradition. The utmost robust material has been used for hundreds of years to make tough and practical everyday shoes.

The Characteristics of suede are:

Genuine leather can be recognized not only by its appearance, but also by the smell and its structure. Since this is a natural material, leather is especially soft and cuddly, However, if it is a forgery, the shoe is often very stiff and inflexible. In addition, it does not emanate the characteristic smell of leather. Finally, you realize genuine suede also at the price. A sensible shoe made of this material will rarely get you under 50 euros. If a shoe is surprisingly cheap, you can be pretty sure that it is wrong suede.

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