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The t-shirt is one of the most widely used garments. Loose over the jeans or worn as an undershirt, it is suitable in every season. T-shirts are available in a variety of designs and with a round collar or V-neck.

Classification of the category T-shirts

The term T-shirt goes back to the English “shirt” for (upper) shirt and the basic shape of the shell. Spread a T-shirt smoothly in front of you, you can see in the transverse axis of rmelsaum¬† and the central axis clearly a T-shape.

Features of a T-shirt

Generally one recognizes T-shirts

  • the right amount
  • the relatively close cut
  • the short sleeves
  • a moderate round or V neckline

and on

  • Lack of any pockets, buttons or collars.

Origin and distribution

Originally, these scraps served as a subtextile and were worn as a camisole under the shirts. It was probably the sailors who were the first to use such parts. In the 1950s, T-shirts by screen heroes like James Dean and Marlon Brando finally became popular – at least for the younger, “rebellious” generation.

Meanwhile, T-shirts are recognized as everyday wear suitable for outerwear and have their place in the leisure and sports clothing, where they have of course also proven to be a warm “Underneath”. The simple, straight cut makes it a unisex piece that women and men alike like to wear. Only models with a fitted waist are reserved exclusively for ladies.

The length moves between waist and hfthhe. In addition, there are also T-shirts in berlnge, which extend to the knee and the carrier play very casually. These pieces have a large fanbase, especially in the hip-hop scene. Since the shirts are often worn directly on the skin without underwear, they are predominantly made of skin-friendly cotton material.

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