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T shirts with text prints

Who says that politics and fashion do not belong together are wrong, it’s the one that’s for sure. As young people become more conscious of society also increases the range of clothing that shows where you stand on various issues.

T-shirts with the text press is the type of statement clothes we can see most of. They are sold in large as well as small clothing chains and brands and it starts through new clothing brands that only focus on selling clothes with some kind of political message. The t-shirts can show that you stand up for animal rights, the environment, that is opposed to racism, bullying – Yes, there are t-shirts for many different issues that can burn for. But we certainly can see most of, there are t-shirts with different feminist press showing that standing up for women’s rights and are an equal world. Not surprising, perhaps, when feminism really has had a major impact, especially here in the Western world in recent years.

Here there you see an example of statement tees that you can wear to show that we take a stand, or to just spread a little joy – female to female, or male to female or non-binary to the woman. Well you see, it’s not only women who can or should support other women and working for equality, but it is something that we all need to be part of for us to take us forward!

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