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Therapeutic shoes for women

Shoes that do not conform to the usual norm require more and more people. The feet require Deformations, injuries and diseases a special supply. By usual clothing models this can not be guaranteed. When the patient's feet are already advanced, therapeutic shoes are used. For diabetic the shoes are suitable for therapy, if these at one suffer from diabetic foot syndrome, In case of a rupture of the Achilles tendon you should pay attention to a bilateral heel elevation.

Features of the therapy shoes

So that your sensitive foot Provide stability and pressure relief shoes should have the following properties for therapy:

There are leading brands for therapeutic shoes. These include:

They can be used for shoes for therapy different types find. Therapy shoes can be selected for home use in the home. Then they are in the form of slippers in extreme more comfortable Shape with the required properties. These can be loafers, or look like sandals, but with a strap around the heel, so you get a firm, secure hold.

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