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Toe sandals for women

The toe sandals, also known by the name Thong sandals or toe ring sandals, is a particularly old variant of the shoe base sandal and goes back in its current execution on the Geta sandals and Zori sandals from Japan and on toe sandals from ancient Egypt. In the 21st century, this acquired traditional sandal shape their new popularity due to the advent of the sandals with toe footbridge, which is offered for sale under the name flip flop and in its expression long since worn off the water.

The thong sandals in short overview

Thong sandals are similar to classic sandals made of a simple sole, which is held by straps on the foot. These straps are each brought from the outside to the middle of the upper sole area at a point between big toe and second toe guided and usually connected to a toe bridge or directly through a hole in the sole with the rest of the shoe.

This will make the sandal by means of the straps above the front footrest and held by the toes on the foot and is very easy and quick to put on or take off. Depending on the model, additional straps on the instep or on the restraints are added, which provide more grip.

Exactly because of these characteristics, the sandals with toe bridge are however also in the criticism and are regarding the Harmful to the holding apparatus put on an hour with high heels.

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