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Wax jackets

Wax jackets are usually made of cotton jackets whose surface has been treated with wax. They are cut relatively long, so that also hips and buttocks are covered. Wax jackets are equally suitable for women as for men.

A wax jacket is the ideal companion for outdoor activities of all kinds.

Properties and materials

It is characterized by extremely high weather resistance and is very water-repellent, since its surface is impregnated with pure wax or a wax-l-mixture. The material – cotton or blended fabric – is already sealed in several thin layers before cutting and knitting.

However, the addition of special natural plasticizers keeps the fabric supple and does not break the surface. The seams on the finished jacket are treated again with wax, so that the jacket is all around “tight”.

Cuts and colors

The basic cut of a wax jacket is rather boxy. It is usually worn over relatively thick, warming outerwear and still provides enough freedom of movement due to the undamped, not too narrow shape. Often it is equipped with a – sometimes removable – hood and is opened by zipper and closed. This is usually covered by an additional fabric strip with snaps to protect the zipper from Nsse.

Also to be closed with snaps are the pockets, which are at the front on chest and / or hfthhe. Wax jackets are always lined, often with roughened woolen fabrics, as they do without the lining any warming function.

As a rather functional garment – originally developed only for hunting and fishing – they forego unnecessary frills. The classic colors of green, beige and black convince in rich tones, subtle logos on the pockets, tasteful buttons and a color-coordinated lining are enough accessories and convey elegant understatement.

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