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Wedge heels for women

Sandals are a wonderfully feminine subgroup of the classic sandal and are used in the shoe trade as classic women’s shoe offered. From the sandal, the sandal traditionally differs in that it is made with heel and usually a lavishly designed design and arrangement of the straps and a feminine decoration of the shoe and a narrower cut having. The sandal can have various types of heels and heel heights and is divided in the trade due to this in different categories. A particularly popular variant is the sandal with wedge heel.


The wedge heel and the sandal – from new and old the perfect combination


The sandal is one of the oldest types of shoes in the world and also the sandal is a shoe shape with tradition, which again and again from the Reinterpreted designers and is updated in style. In contrast, the wedge heel is relatively young in direct comparison with other types of heels.


The heel was invented by the designer Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian, with his innovative shoe design famous in America and Europe has been. In the wedge heel, in English-speaking and in the trade also under the name Wedges out, between the insole and the outsole of the Sandalette a continuous thickening is led, which has the form of a wedge and depending upon model only a few centimeters high can be and thus a temperate one paragraph represents or indeed ten inches or more can amount to and thus high heel reaches heights. In a combination of the wedge heel with a platform sole, also known in the trade under the name Plateau Wedges, even more centimeters height can be achieved in a comfortable way, without the foot is even more bent or loaded.


Ferragamo developed the wedge heel in 1936 and initially fitted summer shoes like sandals with the new heel. Although two years later, a large percentage of American women’s shoes of any type were offered for sale with the new heel, the combination of sandal and wedge heels is still one absolute favorite among the sandals types.

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