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Wedge shoes

What are wedge shoes?"

Definition: Wedge shoes possess a wedge-shaped paragraph, which also as wedge or wing paragraph referred to as. A synonym for wedge shoes is the term wedges,

The history of wedge shoes

The wedge heel was invented in 1936 by Salvatore Ferragamo. At the beginning, wedges did not enjoy much popularity. Only in the war years starting from 1939 wedge shoes were sold in larger quantities, since one estimated their practical handling and their secure hold. At the same time, due to the then most common material of these shoes (wood) expensive leather could be saved. Since that time, wedge shoes are always in fashion and are available in a variety of models.

The guide to wedge shoes

Which garments can be used to combine wedges?

Wedge shoes are very comfortable despite their high heels and can be combined with a variety of outfits. Especially on tall, slender women they look extremely chic. Wedge shoes fit well skinny jeans. Marlene trousers, Chino pants or too narrow Stretch jeans, Also to short dresses, short leggings or skirts Wedge shoes can be well combined.

Wedge shoes and elegance – a contradiction in terms?

Wedge shoes are not exactly the epitome of elegance with their bulky heels. Although they can be very sexy when combined with short dresses, skirts or tight pants, those who want to dress elegantly should prefer filigree shoes such as stilettos or pumps. When a woman wears stilettos, her gait automatically looks elegant. Walking with wedge shoes, on the other hand, looks more like a pounding.

Are wedge shoes suitable for little women?

Wedge shoes with high wedge heels are only suitable for small women, if a model in one darkest possible color is selected. Bright colors make the heel of the wedge shoes even clumsier effect, which adversely affects the overall appearance of small people. Black wedge shoes however, the legs of little women can visually lengthen when the shoes are combined with black tights. In this way, shoes and tights color in one another, making the leg slimmer and more filigree. A long dark trousers can also disguise the chunky look of the wedges. More tips for little women can be found in this article.

Are wedge shoes suitable for driving?

Wedge shoes are not at all good for driving because of their thick heels. Instead, shoes with thinner soles should be chosen, so you have a better feel for the pedals. Although not officially forbidden to drive with wedge shoes, one should prefer to use other shoes while driving to protect one’s own safety and the safety of other road users. Before you get out, you can slip back into your stylish wedge shoes!

What’s the difference between wedge heel and plateau heel?

Wedge shoes always have a wedge heel. The difference between a wedge heel and the platform heel is that only the back of the shoe has a heel. In the case of platform shoes, on the other hand, the front part of the shoe is also raised by a heel

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