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Wedge sneaker for women

Wedge sneakers have been a major theme in footwear for a while now. That almost provocative design and the mix out sporty sneaker with wedge heel make sure that these shoes are very popular with many women. The features of wedge sneakers are quickly explained. The name suggests it already: These are sneakers with wedge heels. Leading brands have long since discovered this interesting mix and brought many different types to market. With regard to the characteristics of paragraphs, two distinctions can be made.

Wedge sneaker with heels

On one side there are wedge sneakers with clearly recognizable heels and on the other side models with inside wedge heel, These shoes look like conventional sneakers at first glance. However, that they have a wedge heel, only becomes clear upon closer inspection. Inside wedge heels have the effect that the shoe looks like a conventional sneaker, the Size and attitude his wearer, however clever and almost unnoticed,

By the way, wedge sneakers look good in all sizes, as they visually reduce the size of the foot.

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