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Wellington boots

Not all rubber boots are necessarily made of rubber, but are increasingly made of special plastic. Depending on the area of ​​use, rubber boots in different heights and with or without inner lining are available.

Classification of the category Wellington boots

Wellington boots once served to protect the feet from rain. According to their definition, the treads, which are made of simple plastic material, were rather plain. Mostly in blue, green or yellow with a reflector strip. First of all, it was important that the Wellies fulfill their purpose and that they may be available in a fed version for the winter.

In the present time a fashion accessory

With this simplicity, today’s Wellington has nothing in common. Because it serves no longer only to guarantee dry feet in rainy weather, but also as a fashion accessory. So rubber boots are now available in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns to buy. Classic boots are based on the old form of the boot, which extends either to the middle of the calf or in higher specimens to the knee. However, the beautiful rubber shoes are much more elaborate today.

A variety of different models

You get them elaborately painted, with Blmchen or the trendy skull print. Alone the new design of the rubber boot evaluates it visually already tremendously. Even more chic, because even more unusual, are rubber boots, which have the shape of a pump. They protect the feet from water without having to walk around like a farmer. Because such a rain pump has style and, above all, is not worn by every woman.

It should be noted, however, that especially the very cheap rubber boots can be heavily loaded with plasticizers. That’s why it pays off, especially for children’s wellies, spend a few euros more.

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