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Western boots

Western boots, often referred to as Western boots or cowboy boots, are particularly extravagant leather boots and usually with ornaments that are worn mainly by motorcyclists or men and women with love for the Wild West.

Classification of the category western boots

Western boots are popularly referred to as cowboy boots and are a special form of the boot. They became popular at the beginning of the sixties, when more and more American westerns were shown in German cinemas. Just like the jeans, the western boot is part of the everyday workwear of the cowboys, but was increasingly worn by the popularity of the films in private settings.


Characteristic of the western boot is

  • the shaft that reaches to the middle of the calf.

This is provided at the upper shaft edge left and right of the calf with two loops, which serve to allow a more comfortable dressing of the Western boot, even without shoehorn. The western boot

  • does not quite touch the foot on the instep

which leads to the typical “Cowboygang” when wearing the boots. Another feature of the western boot is

  • the shape of the heel, which is wedge-shaped and rounded at the outer edge.

He is

  • never higher than 5-6 inches

and has this special shape so you can attach spores to it. These are fixed by a leather band around the heel and originally served the cowboys to drive their horses.

Meaning in today’s fashion world

Today we meet the western boots again and again in the current fashion. Often it is made as a stylistic element in special colors and leathers. For men, the cowboy boot is only partially wearable, as it is often associated with something clichéd proletarian and macho behavior.

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