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Winter fashion

Winter clothing is primarily functional and should keep the body warm in snow and cold. The color choice is usually in the darker range from gray to brown to black. Coats, boots and sweaters are the main ingredients of this season’s fashion.

Classification of the category winter fashion

There are garments that are used every day, regardless of the season, and those that – depending on the outside temperature – are condemned to a month-long shadowy existence in the closet.

Components of winter fashion

All textiles that fall under the generic term “winter fashion” belong to it. First and foremost, of course, this is about

But also

fall into this category.

Requirements and features

The main aspect of winter fashion is logically the warming function, in addition, the garments for the cold season but also like to be chic and comfortable. Fluffy linings are used almost everywhere, as well as new wool and faux fur. Button-off hoods also protect against the fresh winter air and also provide a cool Eskimo look.

Microfibres and down are a guarantee that the body warmed well, but not burdened with unnecessary weight. Obertextilien the winter and also ski fashion are often purchased for a long time – not least for reasons of space.

This customer need is the reason why most winter collections come in a rather simple-timeless design. You can still follow the trend of the season by simply combining matching accessories such as scarves, caps and gloves in the current style.


Winter fashion requires careful care for a long life. Coarse dirt should be removed quickly, impregnations regularly renewed. Thorough drying is essential to avoid mold stains. Then the next winter can come.

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