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Men’s wristwatches and ladies’ wristwatches are available in countless designs and, above all, in price ranges, from simple fashion jewelery to high-end luxury wristwatches. Watchbands are usually made of metal, plastic or leather.

Classification of the category wristwatches

A wristwatch is a watch that is worn on the wrist. The watch is usually worn on the arm with which you do not write.

Types of watches

Depending on the use one also distinguishes

  • chronometer
  • Service watches and
  • electronic wrist watches.

A special variation is

It derives the energy from the mechanical movements of the arm.

Structure and functions

The timepiece, the watch itself, consists, like all watches, of a case, a movement in mechanical watches, the dial and the hands. Optionally, other functions and related displays can be included. There are also digital clocks that are mostly controlled by a quartz crystal and have a display made with LCD diodes.


There is also a bracelet to which the watch is attached. This can be adjusted depending on the circumference of the arm. The watch itself can be made of a variety of materials. It will be happy

used. The bracelets can be made of these materials, but are also often made


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