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Zumba shoes

What are Zumba shoes?"

Definition: When Zumba Shoes are often referred to as dance sneakers when practicing dance or aerobics Zumba Fitness be worn. Zumba shoes are subordinated to the category of sneakers.

What is the difference between Zumba shoes and sneakers?

While traditional sneakers have a full-length sole, this is hollowed out on Zumba shoes. As a result, unlike sneakers, they have a lower weight.

What are the benefits of Zumba shoes?

The hollow on the midsection of the shoe adds smoothness and lightness to the sport and gives the foot more flexibility. The dance steps can therefore be performed better and more accurately.

Sneakers or ballet shoes are less suitable for practicing Zumba fitness, because on the one hand a firm hold (which is not guaranteed by ballet shoes) and flexibility of the foot (which is not offered by sneakers) calls.

Where to buy Zumba shoes?

Zumba shoes were until recently not in the assortment of many great shoe shops. Due to the continuing popularity of Zumba, the shoes are now no longer available exclusively at sports shops or on Amazon.

What clothes can you combine with Zumba shoes?

The tank top and the 3/4 pants (as comfortable as possible) are the perfect companions for Zumba shoes: they allow for optimal freedom of movement, maximizing the fun and efficiency of practicing this sport.

Can you wear Zumba shoes outside Zumba fitness?

This type of shoe differs only slightly from conventional sneakers. For this reason, Zumba shoes can be safely worn on the street. The erosion on the middle part of the shoes can even be an eye-catcher and attract attention. Zumba shoes can also be used to practice badminton. For jogging, however, one should rather resort to conventional running shoes, for hiking to hiking boots or Fivefingers.

Are Zumba shoes suitable as shoes for the office?

Do you like sneakers in your office? Then the Zumba shoes should not be a problem. If you have customer contact, you should carefully consider whether these shoes are appropriate: In many offices, banks and agencies less elegant, sporty or unconventional shoes are taboo. However, if you are in the medical or sports field, Zumba shoes will testify to your health and sportsmanship.

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